The second edition of the Science and Technology Summer School from Magurele for pupils, teachers and school counselors

The second edition of the Science and Technology Summer School from Magurele for pupils, teachers and school counselors

30 May, 2019 in Events, News, Știri

Environmental sciences and life sciences, climate change, astrophysics, nanotechnologies, engineering, artificial intelligence, robotics, science communication, career development and entrepreneurship are the topics proposed this year to high school students during the two weeks spent at the University of Bucharest Magurele Institutes. Along with them, teachers from STEM area (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) and school counselors teachers will diversify their work strategies with pupils.

The Summer School of Science and Technology from Magurele returns this year for a second edition in a partnership between the University of Bucharest, the Institute of Physics and Nuclear Engineering – Horia Hulubei (IFIN-HH) and the National Institute for Earth Physics Research and Development (INFP), under the aegis of the Education Community for Sciences.

Organizers are launching today the registration for potential candidates who may be, this year, high school students, teachers which teach STEM disciplines and school counselors in secondary and gymnasium tuition.

“Measure – Learn – Share” is the motto under which the interdisciplinary workshops of the summer school will take place between August 24 and September 6, 2019 and which will focus in particular on the study of the environment, the impact of human activities climate change and the biosphere, as well as other related themes.

Thus, the Summer School of Science and Technology provides students with a full educational experience, giving them the opportunity to participate in courses from attractive and relevant areas for society such as environmental and life sciences, climate change, astrophysics, nanotechnologies, engineering , artificial intelligence, robotics. In addition to the first edition, this year’s school integrates students’ projects as well as a component aimed at communicating science, focusing on the future careers, and stimulating entrepreneurial thinking.

The topics proposed this year will address topics in physics, chemistry, biology, geography, mathematics, computer science, engineering, science communication, plastic arts and aim at developing skills in four areas: increasing theoretical knowledge and understanding of scientific fields, developing practical and application skills of the notions of science, the use of computer science in science and the transfer of results from science to society.

Teachers activities are reunited under the title “Skills and Careers of the Future” and will take place between September 2 and 6, 2019. They provide opportunities for participating teachers to develop their professional career horizon with current and relevant themes for the subjects taught, to experience pedagogical alternatives and to develop and deepen their digital skills and use of new technologies in STEM discipline teaching.

Another novelty of this edition is given by the opening of the school counselors to the teachers. In their activities, they will experiment with new specialists in the field, new approaches and alternatives to career guidance and guidance, based on the latest research in the field, with a view to developing the skills and careers of the future.

The success of the first edition among the participants, both pupils and teachers, motivated the project team to give the Summer School a larger dimension this year: the period of the summer school activities was extended up to 2 weeks, teachers school councilors were included in the group of beneficiaries, the mentoring network was expanded, and the variety of research topics was diversified. Last but not least, this year’s edition has also an inclusion component through which the organizing partners aim to provide development opportunities and to pupils belonging to vulnerable groups or from disadvantaged backgrounds with interests in scientific fields.

Thus, for this year’s edition, the Summer School of Science and Technology in Magurele offers 50 places for the students, while for the teachers and the school counselors 25 places are available for each category.

Registration forms are available as follows:

The subscription period for all categories of participants begins today, May 9, 2019, and will end on June 15, 2019.

Trainers and mentors from the summer school are researchers, STEM scholars, education scientists, specialists and practitioners with experience in career counseling and career guidance, as well as other specializations. Each contributor will share from his direct experience in attractive and stimulating forms, with the aim of turning the summer school experience into a collective effort of critical thinking and linking to current debates in research and practice.

More details about the Summer School for Science and Technology from Magurele, 2018 edition, can be accessed here:

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