The Museum of the University of Bucharest

Founded on the 29th of July 1967, the Museum of the University of Bucharest aims to conserve and to promote a prestigious academic inheritance comprising documents and objects having a profound signification for the history of this important educational institution in Bucharest.

The patrimony of the museum, brought forth in a recently modernised manner, recomposes a history which goes back in time up to the moment of the founding in Bucharest of the Princely Academy by ruler Constantin Brâncoveanu, an institution which became an important educational and cultural centre for the south-east European space.

The Museum of the University hosts over 2000 original items and facsimiles, coming from both the own collection of the University as well as from donations received from professors and from their descendants. The typology of these exhibits is varied: documents, manuscripts, rare books, university courses, lithography, photography, plans, medals, plaques, badges, flags, paintings, sculptures, engravings and furniture.

The founding moment is marked in the museum through the decrees of Alexandru Ioan Cuza regarding the establishment and the functioning of the University of Bucharest as well as through the fundamental stone of the old building of the University, which was laid at the base of the edifice on the 10th of October 1857.

The University of Bucharest was brightly represented in time through its professors and its students, and the Museum hosts the Doctor Honoris Causa diplomas of the Universities of Oxford and of Paris received by N. Iorga, Doctor diplomas received at prestigious universities abroad by Al. Orăscu, Spiru Haret, Nicolae Măldărescu as well as other titles and distinctions. The academic activity during the age of communism can be followed through a series of unique photos, diplomas or academic transcripts. Among these there is the Doctor Honoris Causa diploma awarded to Nicolae Ceauşescu in 1973, as well as photos and other proof of the visits he paid to the University and to the Museum.

The last part of the exposition shows the transformations which the University of Bucharest has undergone since 1989, following the institutional development, its international visibility and the evolution of the students’ lives.

The patrimony of the museum is meant to be extended through donations which will represent the basis of future temporary expositions.


36-46 Mihail Kogălniceanu Boulevard, sector 5, 050107 Bucharest




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