Geopark Ambassadors international experience gratified by colleagues, professors and representatives of UNESCO geoparks.

Geopark Ambassadors international experience gratified by colleagues, professors and representatives of UNESCO geoparks.

25 September, 2018 in Events

the 25th of September 2018

Between the 8th -14th of September 2018, “Adamello Brenta” UNESCO International Geopark in Italy hosted the 8th Conference of UNESCO International Geoparks. “Țara Hațegului” Dinosaur Geopark of the University of Bucharest was represented by a 14 people delegation, representatives of the administration, of Geopark partners and Geopark Ambassadors.

The initiative for the participation of the Geopark Ambassadors to the most important event of the year within the Global Network of UNESCO Geoparks belonged to the Geopark’s Director, Alexandru Andrășanu. He considers that Romanian presence there represented a certainty that the “Țara Hațegului” Dinosaur Geopark has an important contribution in the dynamics of the UNESCO Global Network.

“We have proved that our geopark shows force, creativity and continuity. Up to now it was only I who presented our initiatives to the colleagues all over the world. Now my colleagues from the geoparks can have direct contact with reality. The Dinosaur Geopark and the University of Bucharest presented them an exhibition meant to help them discover the wonder of the geodiversity in European geoparks, as well as the connection between man and Earth, through an artistic representation. Moreover, they had the opportunity to be acquainted to some of the young Ambassadors and take part to presentations on the projects in which we are involved locally, nationally and internationally. The young participants to this event are pupils of “I.C.Brătianu” National Highschool from Hațeg, a true educational partner with which we will be developing some other international projects as well. Also, we hope that in such projects we manage to involve more and more schools located on the territory of the Geopark”, says Alexandru Andrășanu, Director of the “Țara Hațegului” Dinosaur Geopark, UNESCO International Geopark of the University of Bucharest.

Within the event, the Romanian geopark presented an exhibition named Stone made objects. The Intangible Heritage of UNESCO Global Geoparks. The exhibition reunited objects form 32 European geoparks aiming to present to the public the European geodiversity and its role in defining local identity. Also, Romania’s representatives delivered presentations on the volunteering programme and Geopark Ambassadors, as well as on the concept of geoproduct developed within the project Interreg Danube GeoTour (project co-financed from European Union funds (ERDF, IPA)). The Young Ambassadors promoted through a flash mob the Instagram project  “#GGNyouth”, initiated in collaboration with the Tumbler Ridge UNESCO Geopark in Canada, the project “Andi Andezit Travel” and talked to participants about the projects and activities in which they are involved. Around 1.000 people took part to the event, coming from 64 countries all over the world.

Recently returned form the 8th Conference of the UNESCO International Geoparks, taking place in the Adamello Brenta Geopark in Italy, the eight Geopark Ambassadors having participated to the event presented their experience to the colleagues and professors of the “I. C. Brătianu” National Highschool from Hațeg.

“This conference was a big educational and cultural challenge. I have never believed that I would ever get to discover, in less than a week, people representing different cultures all over the world and learn so many useful things. I was impressed by the fact that, although we were the youngest representatives of the geopark, adults considered us their equals. The exhibition presented by our geopark was an opportunity for us, the Ambassadors, to work as a team and get to know one another better. The exhibition guides and the talks to the visitors have helped me to realize that, irrespective of how insignificant you might think you are in this world, you actually have your own role, which is quite an important one”,  says Armina Miclăuș, leader of the Geopark Ambassadors.

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