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Perioada de implementareTip proiectTitlu proiectResponsabil ProiectNr. Contract
2014 - 2016Alte finanțări internaționaleJOBS-JOB orientation- training in business and schools.Ionica Elena9885
2011 - 2016Cooperare Romania - Elvetia SNSFInstruments for the sustainable management of active and ancient salt mining areasMocuta Marius142147
2011 - 2016Cooperare Romania - Elvetia SNSFNew catalytic route from biomass waste to fuelParvulescu Vasile142227/1
2011 - 2016Cooperare Romania - Elvetia SNSFImproved wind energy assessment based on coupled wind,terrain and vegetation modelingStupariu Mihai142168/1
2016 - 2016Dubna IUCNCross-section evaluations in nuclear reactions with fast neutrons.Jipa Alexandru79
2016 - 2016Dubna IUCNParity violation processes in nuclear reaction induced by slow neutrons.Jipa Alexandru116
2016 - 2016Dubna IUCNScattering Length in neutron-electron interaction.Jipa Alexandru117
2016 - 2016Dubna IUCNMonte Carlo model calculation for neutron transmission cross sections.Lazanu Ionel110
2016 - 2016Dubna IUCNComputer experimentation with the new methods installed for testig rreducibility of bivariate polynomials.Stefanescu Doru129
2016 - 2016Dubna IUCNNeutron induced capture and fission processes on 238U nucleus.Tudora Anabella111
2016 - 2016Dubna IUCNModeling the prompt neutron and gamma-ray emission in fission: the point-by-point (PbP) model of prompt emission.Tudora Anabella112
2015 - 2016Dubna IUCNTheoretical research on the gamma ray generation in the second phase of ELI-NP project.Boca Madalina20
2015 - 2016Dubna IUCNStructural and pectrophotometric characterization of biogenic systems.Chilom Claudia82
2015 - 2016Dubna IUCNInstrumental Neutron Activation Analysis, X-rays Fluorescence and ICP-Absorbtion Atomic Spectroscopy of Black Sea euxinic sediments as well as Red Sea coral.Duliu Octavian Gheorghe103
2015 - 2016Dubna IUCNNeutron difffraction micro-computer tomography and analysis of complex texturated rocks.Duliu Octavian Gheorghe60
2015 - 2016Dubna IUCNXRF analysis of geological materials.Gruia Ion109
2015 - 2016ERA-NETEstablishing nanomaterial grouping/ classification atrategies according to toxicity and biological effects for supporting risk assessment/ NanoToxClass.Dinischiotu Anca13
2014 - 2016ERA-NETAn innovative approach to deliver dual-targeting HIV entry inhibitors using cationic liposomesMihailescu Dan4-004
2013 - 2016ERA-NETGadolinium Nanohydrogels for lymph node magnetic resonance imagingDinischiotu Anca4-006
2013 - 2016Framework Programme 7Europe-wide collaboration among STEMBercu Vasile3377250/Scientix
2013 - 2016Framework Programme 7Building a platform for enhanced societal research related to nuclear energy in Central and Eastern EuropeIliescu Adrian Paul605140/Platenso
2012 - 2016Framework Programme 7Micro/nanosensors for early cancer warning system - diagnostic and prognostic informationBala Camelia318053/SmartCancerSens
2013 - 2016Granturi SEEApplied research for sustainable development and education following the principles of geoconservation: Supporting the Buzau Land Geopark initiativeAndrasanu Alexandru22 SEE
2013 - 2016Granturi SEEEngineering Yeast and Plants for Heavy Metal Applications: from Bioremediation to BioextractionFarcasanu Ileana21 SEE
2014 - 2016Joint Research ProjectsImplanturi medicale biocompatibile elaborate din aliaje superelastice niturate pe baza de titan.Cimpean Anisoara20
2014 - 2016Joint Research ProjectsFrom Fiscal Compact to Constitution: Shaping a Legal Form for the Balanced Budget RuleTanasescu Simina Elena17
2013 - 2016Joint Research ProjectsCatalytic biogas conversion under polarizationFlorea Mihaela13
2011 - 2016Joint Research ProjectsIngineria cristalina a materialelor moleculare multifunctionale.Andruh Marius12
2012 - 2016LIFEImbunatatirea statutului de conservare pentru speciile si habitatele prioritare din zonele umede ale Portilor de FierRozylowicz Laurentiu740
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