The Faculty of Law

Associate Prof. Flavius Antoniu Baias, PhD
Vice Dean
Prof. Romeo Radu Popescu, PhD
Vice Dean
Prof. Răzvan Dincă, PhD
Vice Dean
Associate Prof. Claudiu Paul Buglea, PhD
Vice Dean
Lecturer Daniela-Anca Deteșanu, PhD
Vice Dean
Lecturer Andra-Roxana Trandafir, PhD

Private Law Department
Prof. Lucian Mihai, PhD – Director

Public Law Department
Prof. Dana Tofan, PhD – Director

Criminal Law Department
Prof. Anastasiu Crişu, PhD – Director

Secretary’s Office
Doina Voinea – Chief Secretary
36-46 Mihail Kogălniceanu Bd, 050107, sector 5, Bucharest
The Faculty of Law is one of the oldest faculties of the University of Bucharest, being acknowledged as an independent institution since 1859.

The staff of the faculty perform their activities in the traditional departments: the public law department, the private law department and the criminal law department.

For several generations, the professors of the Faculty of Law have been involved in the editing of the most important laws of Romania: the Romanian constitutions, the criminal and civil codes, the civil procedure code and the criminal procedure code, and they have always been a part of the life of the city, often holding some of the highest positions of the state: presidents of the chambers of the Parliament, prime-ministers, ministers and state secretaries.

The research activity benefits from an adequate organizational structure, and within the faculty there are research centres (The Centre for Constitutional Law and Political Institutions, The Centre for Research in Competition Law, The Human Rights Centre, The Compared Social Law Centre, The General Theory of Law and New Rights Centre, The Centre for Research in the Field of the Intellectual Property Law, The Civil Procedure Centre, The Centre for Research in the field of Criminal Sciences, the Centre for Studies in Commercial Arbitration) in which various scientific activities are carried out: sessions and international conferences, debates, round tables, practical seminars, case studies, experimental lawsuits, methodological seminars, international schools, holiday schools, advocacy contests and essays, magazine launches etc.


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