The Ecological Research Resort in Sinaia

Harmoniously integrated in the unique landscape of the Bucegi Mountains, during its first stages of functioning, the Ecological Research Resort in Sinaia has fulfilled the role of a research centre in the fields of investigating specific biodiversity, the flora and the fauna of Romania.

In 1994, this resort was re-purposed as a relaxation space meant for discussions on research topics, mixing business and pleasure and thus offering the possibility of conceiving an inter- and transdisciplinary research and actually offering sports activities within the Resort.

The unceasing interest for the restoration and for the modernisation of the resort in the last years has made possible the creation of conference rooms and laboratories which can represent an ideal place for: short-term training sessions, workshops, team-building events, symposiums, work groups, scientific and didactic practice, summer and winter schools, scientific meetings, scientific and ecological research, or scientific communication sessions.

The location chosen for this resort is special due to its geographical position, at an altitude of 860 metres, in the Cumpătu residential area. This area can be found in an exclusive part of the western side of the Baiului Gârbova Mountains, to the east of the well-known tourist resort Sinaia. Its close distance to Bucharest (125 km) facilitates quick access to the resort with the aid of all means of public transportation.

Activities in the Ecological Research Resort in Sinaia can be held in the two building quarters: the Conference Centre and the Students’ Quarters.

The Conference Centre is a modern building, inaugurated in 2007, which comprises a 50 person computerized lecture room, with a top-range audio-video system, video-projector and microphone, as well as a conference room and a dining room, with a fully-equipped kitchen, which is sanitary certified. Within the Centre there is a stereomicroscope, a video camera and unlimited internet access.

The Centre also has 16 first-class double rooms, equipped with TVs, Xerox machines, refrigerators and coolers, and which are heated by a heating station.

The Students’ Quarters, which is annexed to the Ecological Research Resort in Sinaia, offers students 9 standard living rooms, equipped with new furniture, modern bathrooms, TVs and internet access.

The research activity can take place in the four laboratories equipped with the installations necessary for biological research, but also in the library which offers a patrimony of about 3000 volumes, some of them unique in value.

The Ecological Research Resort in Sinaia has received in 1938 an impressive collection of birds, which has been kept to this day.


Address: 5 Cumpătu Street, post code 106100, Sinaia, Prahova County, Romania

Telephone: +40745.865.151

For reservations, please call two months before the event.


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