The Museum of the University of Bucharest welcomes you to its exhibitions

The Museum of the University of Bucharest welcomes you to its exhibitions

28 September, 2018 in Events

In the beginning of the academic year 2018-2019, the Museum of the University of Bucharest invites you to see its exhibitions, at its quarters from the Palace of the Faculty of Law (36-46, Mihail Kogălniceanu Bvd).

The permanent exhibition, reopened in 2015, presents, in a modern manner, perfectly adapted to the current exhibition and communication methods, documents, photos  and objects presenting Bucharest’s higher education history ever since the beginning of the  XIXth century.

Also, during this period, the Museum hosts yet another exhibition for the 50 years of existence of the University Museum, exhibition which follows the mirrored evolution of the University and of its museum during the last half of the century.

Among the pieces in the Museum’s collection one can find the facsimiles of some lectures belonging to reputed professors of the Princiary Academy of Sf. Sava from the XVIIIth century, course books (grammar, arithmetic, trigonometry, geometry) belonging to the students enrolled to Sf. Sava in the first half of the XIXth century, the decrees of  Alexandru Ioan Cuza regarding the establishment of the University of Bucharest and the confirmation of Gheorghe Costaforu, the first rector of the University.  Also, the collection includes pieces as the foundation stone of the old building of the University, laid at the foundation of the building on the 10th of October 1857 or the Doctor Honoris Causa diplomas received by Nicolae Iorga from Oxford and Paris Universities, but also doctoral diplomas obtained from prestigious foreign universities by Alexandru Orăscu, Spiru Haret, Nicolae Măldărescu, as well as some other titles and distinctions. Furthermore, within the Museum’s exhibitions, visitors can see oil portraits and marble or bronze busts of some reputed people which have marked the history of the University of Bucharest, the old flag of the University, the Law Students flag from 1864, surgical tools belonging to some teachers of the University, programmes of some lectures held by professors of the Universities and notes of some students, doctoral thesis, from the period between the two world wars, medals, decorations received by the University, but also numerous documents and photos from the communist period representing students, professors, the buildings of the University etc.

The Museum’s visiting programme is from Monday to Thursday, between 8:00–14:00, and on Friday between 8:00–12:00. Free entrance.

We are waiting you at the Museum of the University of Bucharest in order to discover the way covered by the institution, but also by its students and professors along its over 300 years of history.

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