Advanced Innovative approaches for predictable regenerative medicine

Project Coordinator: University of Bucharest
Prof. dr. Marieta Costache
Mobile phone: +4 0731 700 433
Phone: 021.318.15.75/int 105
Fax: 021.318.15.75/int 103
E-mail: marietacostache@gmail.com,

Partners involved in the project:

  1. University of Bucharest (coordinator)
  2. University Politehnica of Bucharest (P1)
  3. National Institute of Research Development in the Pathology Domain and Biomedical Sciences “Victor Babes” (P2)
  4. Institute of Oncology “Prof dr. Ion Chiricuta” Cluj Napoca

Contracting authority: UEFISCDI
Project code: PN-III-P1-1.2-PCCDI-2017-0782
Type and number of the project: PCCDI No. 65/2018
Project title Advanced Innovative approaches for predictable regenerative medicine

Project Acronym: REGMED

The total buget of the project: 5.287.500 RON
The implementation period: 30.03.2018 – 30.09.2020


Considering that HEALTH is one of the main areas of public priority, the approach of interdisciplinary researches with applicability in Regenerative Medicine can significantly contribute to improving the quality of life of patients with tissue defects. The aim of the project is to create a consortium with complementary research experience in the field of regenerative medicine, which will efficiently use the human resource and modern research infrastructures newly created for the implementation of innovative technologies, with the aim of developing and transferring the results to the economic environment. The project aims to develop new technological products in the form of biocompatible biomaterials designed for bone reconstruction (P1), nerves (P2), soft tissues (P3) and breast reconstruction after tumor resection (P4)

Project Objective

The overall objective of REGMED is to increase the institutional performance of the involved research structures in the approach of innovative techniques with applicability in regenerative medicine, in accordance with the priorities of public relevance and intelligent specialization related to HEALTH.
REGMED addresses the following topics: (1) Osteoimmunomodulation as a predictive factor of bone tissue regeneration efficiency (Project 1- BONE); (2) Biocompatible system for assisting peripheral nerve regeneration (Project 2-NERVE); (3) Cellular and molecular mechanisms involved in regenerative processes of soft tissues (Project 3 SOFT); (4) Modulation of tumor microenvironment using intelligent systems for mammary reconstruction (Project 4-TUMOR).

Expected results

The estimated results of REGMED are: (i) strengthening a highly specialized consortium in Regenerative Medicine and its sustainability by developing a common CDI program; (ii) creating and supporting 12 new jobs; (iii) achievement of new products with controlled release properties for the regeneration of bone tissue, soft tissues, peripheral nerves and breast tissue post-mastectomy, resulting in 2 submitted patent applications; (iv) strengthening the capacity of institutions with opportunities for relaunching and training the human resources from the involved institutions in modern technologies by experience exchanges; (v) Improving the offer of research services on the erris.gov.ro platform; (vi) scientific input (min 8 ISI articles, min 8 papers at conferences) and (vii) transfer of project results to the economic environment.

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